Star Wars 35th Anniversary

Forget May 4th being a Star Wars holiday. If any day is a Star Wars holiday (especially in May) it would be May 25th, the anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars, or Episode IV, as it would be later called after Empire Strikes Back was labelled Episode V.
As Steve Thompson notes, forget the prequels and all the garbage that has sprung up (especially on the internet) and just recognize how special it was when Star Wars came out in 1977. It wasn’t playing in that many theatres when it premiered, and as Thompson notes, it was a month later before it expanded to more theatres. I can vouch for that, as my research on many a time-killing day would bear that out. Also, in 1980 I was shocked to discover that The Empire Strikes Back wouldn’t be playing in Kokomo (our go-to big city theatres for when we didn’t want to wait to see it at the local Diana Theatre in Tipton) until a month later in June, leading me to talk my parents into taking us to see it at the Eastwood Theatre in Indianapolis, one of the theatres that showed Star Wars for over a year. I got the Marvel Super Special adaptation of the movie at the concession stand. I had read the Don Glut Empire novelisation that came out before the movie, but the struggle between not wanting to know what happened in the movie before seeing it finally won out at the point where Han Solo decided to take the Millenium Falcon to Bespin and Lando Calrissian (a good ways into the film)¬† And I was one of the ones who was able to get the Marvel Super Special adaptation of Return Of The Jedi before the movie came out and read the whole thing.
But it didn’t cost anybody any jobs at Marvel. In fact, as Glenn Hauman¬†points out, Star Wars saved Marvel Comics. Jim Shooter and io9 have more on the story.