No Foolin’ Here

I was thinking about posting this to Hey, Martha! today but felt more comfortable with posting it here. I’m still feeling out what roles both blogs will play in my future. Originally the other blog was to point out cool stuff on the internet to Kathy, but lately she’s been content to limit her online activities to Facebook. I thought about pointing out cool stuff in general because who doesn’t want to find out about cool stuff on the internet? But personal entries just feel better here.
Yesterday I had a long day at work at the day job. I had to go fill in at another location and ended up putting in about 10 hours of work. I can’t remember the last time I had to do that, but my body fought back in reaction. I won’t have to put in that many hours for another week, but I hope to be more prepared for it as the day job is taking more of my time for the next couple of weeks.
Each week as I face another day at the day job, I try to come up with 5 things I want to do for the next week. This week I want to get on track with my fiction writing. I’ve been busy reading blogs and other things about writing and how to approach the business, but not doing any actual writing. I wanted to change that. There was a story I was working on but came up with an idea for another story yesterday and wanted to strike while the iron was hot. I don’t want to flitter from story to story, not accomplishing anything, but I know me, and the heat and the passion for this story will cool if I have to let it wait it’s turn in line.
And I wanted to watch some Netflix discs. I discovered that the 2 I have, I’ve had for about a month. That needs to change. I’m not paying for Netflix each month not to watch them. And I better come up with 3 other goals as well.