What To Get: Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks is coming back to comics, this time from IDW. I just got my copy of Previews today, but looking over the catalog, it caught my eye.  I thought it was interesting that issue 1 was going to have 55 different covers, each one featuring one of the cards from the original series. I don’t think I’m going to get the set of all the covers for $199 retail, even if DCBS offers half-off for it.
Not only that, but Topps is reprinting the card set. Also, IDW is reprinting the Topps Comics series of yore (if the 90s could be considered “yore”. But they’ve just announced that a Mars Attacks! musical is coming to Broadway (never mind, it was an early April Fools joke) written by John Layman, the author of the upcoming IDW series.