Planning For MegaMillions

So the MegaMillions jackpot is $500 million dollars. And as usual, people who don’t usually play the lottery (i.e. those who consider a million or two a mere bag of shells) are coming out and playing, driving the jackpot even higher. Indiana is one of the states participating in the MegaMillions lottery, but I was put off by the odds of winning the jackpot at around 175 million to 1. In contrast, the odds of winning the jackpot in the Hoosier Lottery are a mere 12 million to 1. Less money, but better odds. But I enjoyed reading the Fark thread about this story,¬†as a lot of the posters have the same thoughts as I. That buying a ticket allows for some fun dreaming, that (like all lotteries) the jackpot is what you get if you get payments over 25 years with the lump sum option being less and debating which way to go with that. I’ll tell you, I’ll probably buy some tickets because while the odds are very, very high; the odds of winning are zero if I don’t play.
And what if you win the lottery? Here’s some helpful advice.