Sequel Mania

There’s been a bunch of sequels announced lately. And not in the usual way. First, Will Ferrell announced on Conan that Anchorman 2 was coming (in character as Ron Burgundy, no less)  And again on Conan, Dana Carvey announced Wayne’s World 3 was on the way. And Kevin Smith is saying that Clerks 3 is going to be on Broadway for 6 months.  I have a few problems with this, and no, one of them isn’t “Kevin Smith is doing something and I don’t like him” (as some on the internet are wont to do). First is his working in a new medium. I think its great he wants to try new things and all, but it can be very difficult to put on a show on Broadway. Mark Evanier has been chronicling Jerry Lewis’s attempts to bring The Nutty Professor to The Great White Way, with Lewis announcing new dates that keep getting pushed back, and Evanier saying he’ll believe it when he buys a ticket for it. And there’s the getting the band back together aspect, reuniting the cast and such, along with finding people that can mount a production. And there’s the whole limiting the audience by making it available to everyone to enjoy on their terms, as Smith discovered with rolling out Red State to the audience.  I don’t know about this.