What To Get At The Comic Shop Tomorrow Besides Avengers Vs. X-Men #1

Avengers Vs. X-Men has become one of those things that has transcended the question of whether or not a comics fan is going to buy it, becoming a given that it is going to be purchased. I’ve even got it ordered, and I’ve eschewed most of the big two’s recent offerings. I have been getting back into the X-Men titles, actually finding them not only readable but interesting.
But maybe you’re not buying into the hype, or maybe you’re hungry for something else besides the mainstream slugfest. There is a graphic novel coming out tomorrow that you should take a look at and see about getting. It’s called Gone to Amerikay, and there’s even an article about itĀ from the Wall Street Journal. It chronicles Irish immigrants in New York City over 140 years, and Colleen Doran is doing the artwork.
If you miss it at the comic shop or forget to get it, you can pick it up from Amazon at the link.