TV And The Lone Ranger

Steve Thompson has another great blog to read.  This one is called The BookSteve Channel where he waxes poetic about a favorite show of yesteryear. And what better way to start than with his post on The Lone Ranger? Good overview of the series with the movie The Lone Ranger And The Lost City Of Gold, the Lone Ranger credo, and the guidelines for writing the Ranger’s character, with some history along with it. BTW, I had a speech class where the assignment was to persuade the audience. My speech was to get everyone to sign a petition to allow The Wrather Corporation to let Clayton Moore wear his mask at personal appearances. It was so long ago that one of my fellow students was a not yet girlfriend let alone not yet wife Kathy.
You can find out about Steve’s other blogs here. Might I suggest 1974 A Geek’s First Journal, sequel to A Geek’s Journal 1976 (which I think would make a great e-book) and of course, BookSteve’s Library.