“The Guy I Idolized Since I Was Two Turns Out To Be A Raving Loon!”

I’ve griped about Facebook here before, but one of the things that I do love is being friends with cool people you don’t know. The minute I found out that Robert Meyer Burnett was on Facebook, I sent a friend request. And was glad that he accepted. Who is he, you ask? Just one of the geniuses behind one of my favorite movies, Free Enterprise. He pointed out this blog post about the film, and here’s the trailer:

Okay, its got William Shatner in it, but as the blog post writes (and I’ve read elsewhere) that his part was originally written as a Play It Again, Sam-type guide for Our Heroes, but was rewritten as someone more human at Shatner’s insistence.  As Craig Ferguson says, “I KNOW!”
But another of the many reasons why I love this film is not the Swingers vibe it throws off (going as far as to have the same actor Patrick Van Horn in both films) but in a supporting role is Phil LaMarr. Forget Mad TV, forget Spider-man 2, forget him being the voice of John Stewart in Justice League and Samurai Jack himself, forget getting shot in the face by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, LaMarr’s role in Free Enterprise alone earns him a lifetime free pass from me. It would excuse anything he does in the future short of a tri-state killing spree.
How much do I love this film? I love it so much that when I got the Free Enterprise: Love Long & Party (Five Year Mission Two-Disc Extended Edition)DVD, I didn’t sell my old copy as I am wont to do, because there were some features that weren’t ported over. I also have the soundtrack, with The Artist Formerly Known As Shatner’s “No Tears For Caesar”.
This is a movie worth getting on DVD. I’ll probably keep my copy even when it comes out on blu ray (which is at the top of my most wanted list)  Great way to celebrate William Shatner’s birthday.  Just dug both DVDs out of one of my boxes.