Looking At The Comics Landscape

I’ve been dealing with some frustrations when it comes to new comics lately. And by lately, I mean the past few months if not years. I look forward to the new Previews each month and go over it to see what’s new and good, and ending up disappointed. There isn’t as much variety in the comics direct market as there used to be. As with the other aspects of entertainment, there’s a lot more dependence on previously known properties than trying to branch out with anything new. Nobody wants to gamble on an unknown quantity, they’re more willing to bet on tried and true. They wouldn’t try to sell Star Trek as “Wagon Train to the stars”, they’d just try to bring Wagon Train back.
I’ve already decided that the DC “New 52” was a good point to jump off and say so long and thanks for all the fish. It was pretty much the same at Marvel. But that is to say that I’ve totally stayed gone. I’ve been getting the Shade miniseries, and some of the new Vertigo titles they’re coming out with has caught my eye, and DCBS’ offer of getting all 4 of those relaunch titles for the price of one comic has led me to order them. And I’m liking the X-Men titles and picking them up again. I’ve ordered the Avengers Vs. X-Men miniseries, but the tie-in comics they’re soliciting has got me questioning that decision.
Greg Hatcher touched upon this on his latest column. And while I’m not willing to give up the weekly comics habit yet as Tom McLean did, I’m starting to question the concept of placing a big order each month, and ending up only getting a small smattering of comics in each week’s shipment. That’s something I’m going to take a closer look at, starting with my next month’s order.