I’m In This Week’s Five For Friday

I usually miss contributing to the “Five For Friday” feature over at Comics Reporter. Usually, the call for entries goes out Friday afternoon or evening, to submit before midnight. Sometimes I don’t catch it in time, sometimes I can’t come up with a good enough submission. And always, when I read the submissions on Sunday, I see better entries and ones I wish I thought of.
But I’m happy with my entry for this week’s Five For Friday. The topic this week is “Name Your Five Favorite Comics Industry News Stories Of The Last 30 Years.”┬áCheck it out to see what I said. First, an addendum: the big deal behind one of my choices, about Miracleman coming out in the US as a 75 cent color comic, that was a big deal. After the fact, I was surpised when Mark Evanier wrote in his origin of Groo about how in Groo’s first appearance in Destroyer Duck, a benefit comic for Steve Gerber suing Marvel for rights to Howard The Duck, that people in the industry was amazed that a professionally done color comic book was done by somebody other than Marvel or DC. Its something that shouldn’t be surprising (hire talent, contact printers, and print it) but people get locked into the whole The Way Things Are Done that it never occurs to them that there are other ways to do it. Anyway, years later, the amazing thing about Miracleman coming out in the US was that it was a color reprint when most companies other than Marvel and DC printed in black and white, but that it was coming out at the same price as the big two’s comics at the time.
But that isn’t to say that there’s choices other contributors to this Five For Friday. Some of the ones I like include the Formation of Image Comics, the Jack Kirby designed theme park played a role in freeing American hostages (covered in the upcoming film Argo), Bill Mantlo’s story, the current golden age of reprints, Dave Sim Self-distributes High Society, Riling Retailers & Distributors; and Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman self publish Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There’s more at the link above.