Argo Is Coming

Bleeding Cool posts about movies coming up in the next year to look forward to, including one I hadn’t heard of that’s now on the top of my list. Its called Argo and its about the efforts of the Canadian embassy in Iran smuggling out some of the American hostages in the early days of the hostage crisis. While the story is intriguing enough, years after the fact an interesting element was revealed: the cover story used for the smuggled hostages was that they were advance scouts for a motion picture that included designs done by Jack Kirby based on Roger Zelaney’s novel “Lord Of Light”, renamed “Argo”. I checked the IMDB page, and sure enough, Jack Kirby is in it, portrayed by Michael Parks of From Dusk To Dawn and Red State. The release date for Argo is September 14, 2012 and directed by Ben Affleck. Can’t wait.