TCM For TV Shows

I usually link to Johanna Draper Carlson for some of the things she writes for comics, but her latest has to do with television and I fully support it. Technically, its an AV Club article, but I agree with it, as well: we need a TCM for television. I’ve written here in the past how its a shame that there are some TV shows that can’t be found with all the channels that I have on my satellite, while all the stations showing old TV shows are limited to multiple showings of Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, and The Big Bang Theory. I’m not slamming those shows. At least half of that list are shows that I enjoy watching regularly. And I don’t think its charity to show the older shows either for the old folks with the World’s Fair spoons so they won’t yell at kids to get off their lawn. There are a lot of shows out there that people wouldn’t have to be tied down and held at gunpoint to watch. And the local stations that have a couple of other stations available to them with the switch to digital are filling that programming with old TV shows that people enjoy, but that’s how the cable channels like Comedy Central and TV Land started. Then, as they got more successful and more money branched out into other forms of programming. I imagine that will happen to the alternate local stations in a few years, as well.
And yes, they do offer a lot ofthese shows not on the air on DVD. But it isn’t the same as looking through the programming guide or flipping through the channels and finding a show that catches your interest. For example, yesterday I came across an episode of The Big Bang Theory that I watched, even with having all the previous seasons on DVD and blu ray. Even with the resources at my disposal, I wouldn’t have hunted down and watched this episode of my own initiative. It had to be a first season episode as the characters weren’t quite jelled yet (and more important, when Sheldon knocked on a door he didn’t do the 3 knocks and saying the person’s name 3 times. Digression: in the first season, they only did that bit once, and Sheldon knocked 4 times each time.) The point being, that even with owning the series on video, I watched the episode on TV.
Broadcast TV.
Commercials and all.
Now, can those who can do something about it read that AV Club article and get to work on this, please? And DirecTV, could you offer something like this instead of having the attitude of “you have a contract with us, no take backs”?