DC Regurgitated

When DC announced their big reboot to start everything over, I decided that it was a good jumping off point.  Not that I’m curmungeonly or anything, but I didn’t see anything that would keep my interest (even though there isn’t that much from the big 2 that held it at that point, anyway)  Besides, I could see where they’re coming from, wanting to do something about the declining sales rates and wanting to expand to downloading and other avenues.  I know comics have a very narrow audience and there’s potential to expand it.  I also know that for the big 2, merchandising brings in the big bucks.  At best, comics is a low cost R&D for other media (TV, movies) and there’s no real reason for owners Disney and Warner Bros. to continue publishing.  After all, when was the last time you saw a new Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny cartoon?
And then there was the hubbub about Catwoman hooking up with Batman, along with Starfire’s casually propositioning Red Arrow.  I’m not advocating a return to “the good old days”, but this Shortpacked! strip points out what I think is wrong with this approach.  So much for expanding the audience.
P.S.  Dear DC, if you’re just going to continue to cater to a dwindling audience, is there any chance that you could take the recent publication of New Teen Titans: Games and use that as a launching pad for a new New Teen Titans comic by Marv Wolfman and George Perez with continuity continuing from the graphic novel, much like Chris Claremont is writing an X-Men title continuing from the last time he left the comic?  Games was a good graphic novel, and I’m glad it didn’t get lost in the mists of time.  I would love to read a comic spun off from that.