Irene’s Coming

Hurricane Irene is coming through the East coast this weekend, and there’s a lot of talk about it.  My Facebook friend Tom Beland said that he emerged unscathed when it hit Puerto Rico, but there are other factors involved, the least of which is how they tend to build up steam.  I would suggest reading this post by The Beat about the hurricane because there’s a lot of useful tips to prepare yourself for it.  And for everyone else, we’re not going to be hit with a hurricane, but sooner or later a disaster is going to strike and its good to be prepared for it.  And now is the time before something happens, not later when everyone else is getting hit and trying to figure out what to do.  Already batteries and other essentials are running low in some areas.  It was like that when they forecast a big storm in my area a few months back.  Yes, nothing came out of it but my getting things ready and having a plan in case it did.
Alan David Doane has his thoughts on the hurricane, including what he’s facing personally and how the local stations don’t seem to be ready to dispense needed up to the minute information, since the hurricane’s hitting this weekend, and radio stations aren’t as staffed on weekends.
To everyone on the East coast: take a minute, read The Beat’s post on the hurricane, make a plan, and prepare.  Good luck, and hopefully this will turn out to be nothing.