Learning From Movies

I just read the most interesting post from DVDs Worth Watching.  And it isn’t because they linked to someone talking about a favorite movie of mine called Pump Up The Volume.  More about that in a minute.  First, they talk about how Fox is trying to steer peoples’ online viewing habits of their shows by delaying them a couple of weeks, where you could watch them as soon as the next day before.  They did a study where they learned that piracy of two of their popular shows doubled as a result.
Next is the link to Doctor Nerdlove about the lessons learned from Pump up the Volume. As he points out, in a way it was about blogging before blogging came about.  As I wrote in my very first post, it was an inspiration for me to get up and say my piece.
Finally, in what I call a companion piece to the annual college mindset list I wrote about yesterday, Bill Meske in Sound On Sight writes about his experiences in showing clips from classic movies in one of his classes.  Specifically, Meske comes to the conclusion that “With the exception of Jaws (1975), Star Wars (1977), and (for just a few) The Godfather (1972), it seemed most of them didn’t know any movie before Independence Day (1996) and Titanic (1997).”, which he found surprising in this day and age of unprecedented access to movies, between Netflix, home video, TV, etc.  More interesting is the conclusion he came to after pondering this.  I think that its a case of people avoiding anything that’s old to them, as I have heard from people in the past.