What Have You Done? Answer Me That

You know how it goes: whenever something that us fans really like enters the public consciousness, it becomes public fodder. You see it a lot in editorial cartoons when they'll tie an issue in with a popular movie or TV show. And now its Green Lantern's turn, since the movie came out Friday.
But this is an interesting one: Florida Congressional candidate Alan Grayson has sent out an e-mail that references Green Lantern. But more than the oath. He takes the famous exchange from Green Lantern Green Arrow #87 where an elderly African American asks Green Lantern what he's done for the black skins, and wants to use that to ask the right wing talking heads what they've done for America (besides empty rhetoric).
Say what you will about Denny O'Neal's writing on that series, but some of it does hit, and at the time, there was nothing like it, not even at Marvel. And it beats two costumed characters slugging it out anytime.