More Birther Stinkiness

So Obama finally released his long form birth certificate. His regular birth certificate and birth announcements in the newspapers in Hawaii weren't enough. And in Hawaii, the birth certificates are called “certificate of live birth” at the time Obama was born. If they're really trying to pull something and cover up that Obama wasn't born in the United States do you think they would screw up on such an easy level.
Well, with this information finally out, that should settle the issue once and for all. The only reason that the Protocol Of The Elders Of Zion continues on even though it's been disproved over and over again is because that was in furrin courts and experts, not any from the US of A. Just kidding, like Peter David said, you can time the response with an egg timer, and it's nowhere close to “sorry, our bad”. Newt's asking why it took so long. And Donald Trump has moved on to question Obama's qualifications to get into the Ivy League. Shouldn't that question have been asked about the last guy in office? But there's a lot of people uncertain of where Trump was born. Hey, Trump, where's the birth certificate? While we're at it, where's the bankruptcy filings?
Meanwhile, gas is around $4.15 a gallon, the economy hasn't really improved, and more and more people are wondering how they're going to pay their bills. But at least my home state is on the case by stopping women from getting free pap smears because some people want to keep federal funds to fund abortions even though the Hyde Amendment of 1976 prevents that. And yes, it applies to the Health Care Act. And guess who did that? These are meant to be taken as factual statements.