House Update

Work is still going on with the house. I finished the second coat of paint on the bedroom closets and went to inspect my handiwork yesterday. I saw a couple of spots in each of the closets that could use a touch up, and plan to do that soon, but not sure when exactly. Today's the day we're going out to get supplies (and long time readers know that means groceries) and stuff (in this case means a component cable for my Wii to see if that improves the picture. Since I've got Netflix on there now, it might help it).
And my mom had the idea of taking some things over there every time we go over there to spread out the moving in burden more. I finally got the air conditioners out of the windows and took them over yesterday. And we're looking to other things to do in the house. We've got the windows measured and looking at getting curtains or Cheap pleated blinds for them. And I was looking at spots outside the house that need some touching up with paint.
We've got two months to get moved in. I hope we make it.