365 Reasons To Love Comics #197

Comics Should Be Good has been doing a year long list of reasons to love comics. Today's entry is on Jim Aparo, noting that this Thursday is the 2nd anniversary of his passing.
I can only add a couple of things here: 1) I'm looking forward to the Showcase Presents Batman and the Outsiders reprint coming out in a month or two, and 2) I once took an art class taught by John Byrne. Let me continue, please. At that time, a couple of stories of his had a novelty of no dialogue in his Enemy Ace Christmas story “Silent Night” that Mr. Byrne explained he wrote it that way because he didn't know if Enemy Ace spoke English or not, and a 2 words of dialogue only Batman story (“The Many Deaths of the Batman”)that he said if he knew Jim Aparo was illustrating would've been a no dialogue story as well.