What To Get: Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks is coming back to comics, this time from IDW. I just got my copy of Previews today, but looking over the catalog, it caught my eye.  I thought it was interesting that issue 1 was going to have 55 different covers, each one featuring one of the cards from the original series. I don’t think I’m going to get the set of all the covers for $199 retail, even if DCBS offers half-off for it.
Not only that, but Topps is reprinting the card set. Also, IDW is reprinting the Topps Comics series of yore (if the 90s could be considered “yore”. But they’ve just announced that a Mars Attacks! musical is coming to Broadway (never mind, it was an early April Fools joke) written by John Layman, the author of the upcoming IDW series.

Next Gen Gaming Systems Won’t Played Used Games

So they’re saying that the PlayStation Orbis and XBox 720 won’t play used games, or will be limited so that one will have to pay an extra fee to play.  I don’t want to say never (after all, I never thought I would be interested in online play feature, but I became interested) but that’s going to affect whether or not I’ll get either of these systems. It might be as it was before, that it’ll take an interesting game that would be worth getting the system to play.

Until then, I can play the old systems until they do something like send out something online that’ll render them dead.  They wouldn’t just free them and let people play them forever, nooooo.

Planning For MegaMillions

So the MegaMillions jackpot is $500 million dollars. And as usual, people who don’t usually play the lottery (i.e. those who consider a million or two a mere bag of shells) are coming out and playing, driving the jackpot even higher. Indiana is one of the states participating in the MegaMillions lottery, but I was put off by the odds of winning the jackpot at around 175 million to 1. In contrast, the odds of winning the jackpot in the Hoosier Lottery are a mere 12 million to 1. Less money, but better odds. But I enjoyed reading the Fark thread about this story, as a lot of the posters have the same thoughts as I. That buying a ticket allows for some fun dreaming, that (like all lotteries) the jackpot is what you get if you get payments over 25 years with the lump sum option being less and debating which way to go with that. I’ll tell you, I’ll probably buy some tickets because while the odds are very, very high; the odds of winning are zero if I don’t play.
And what if you win the lottery? Here’s some helpful advice.

Fight Illness And A Free Book

As some of you may know, stress can weaken your immune system and make you more vulnerable to illness. Ken Levine has some helpful advice for those who are facing that situation with a humorous tale of how he dealt with it in his life.
Also at the link is where you can find out how to get the Kindle version of his book “Where The Hell Am I? Trips I Have Survived” for free. It was one of the first books I got when I got my Kindle and enjoyed it. But today is the last day to get it. If you don’t have a Kindle, they have apps to read it on your computer and other devices.

Sequel Mania

There’s been a bunch of sequels announced lately. And not in the usual way. First, Will Ferrell announced on Conan that Anchorman 2 was coming (in character as Ron Burgundy, no less)  And again on Conan, Dana Carvey announced Wayne’s World 3 was on the way. And Kevin Smith is saying that Clerks 3 is going to be on Broadway for 6 months.  I have a few problems with this, and no, one of them isn’t “Kevin Smith is doing something and I don’t like him” (as some on the internet are wont to do). First is his working in a new medium. I think its great he wants to try new things and all, but it can be very difficult to put on a show on Broadway. Mark Evanier has been chronicling Jerry Lewis’s attempts to bring The Nutty Professor to The Great White Way, with Lewis announcing new dates that keep getting pushed back, and Evanier saying he’ll believe it when he buys a ticket for it. And there’s the getting the band back together aspect, reuniting the cast and such, along with finding people that can mount a production. And there’s the whole limiting the audience by making it available to everyone to enjoy on their terms, as Smith discovered with rolling out Red State to the audience.  I don’t know about this.

Getting A Plan For Coverage

There’s lots of concerns about medical coverage in the news lately. And there are other things to consider, like vision and dental coverage. Some people think they can’t afford insurance and should just take their chances. And some are concerned about being in that situation, but what can you do when insurance premiums are so high?
One thing you can do is take a look at the different plans offered by Ameriplan. Not only do they offer discount dental plans, but they offer plans for vision and a medical plan as well.  And they are offered at rates that can meet a lot of budgets.
Even with getting a discount on any dental, vision or medical items that come up in your life, it would be worth what you pay in the plan, and can give you peace of mind not worried about the uncertainties of the future. And you can do it at a cost that is affordable and doesn’t force you to choose between coverage and taking your chances.

What To Get At The Comic Shop Tomorrow Besides Avengers Vs. X-Men #1

Avengers Vs. X-Men has become one of those things that has transcended the question of whether or not a comics fan is going to buy it, becoming a given that it is going to be purchased. I’ve even got it ordered, and I’ve eschewed most of the big two’s recent offerings. I have been getting back into the X-Men titles, actually finding them not only readable but interesting.
But maybe you’re not buying into the hype, or maybe you’re hungry for something else besides the mainstream slugfest. There is a graphic novel coming out tomorrow that you should take a look at and see about getting. It’s called Gone to Amerikay, and there’s even an article about it from the Wall Street Journal. It chronicles Irish immigrants in New York City over 140 years, and Colleen Doran is doing the artwork.
If you miss it at the comic shop or forget to get it, you can pick it up from Amazon at the link.

The Hunger Games

Yesterday Kathy and I went to the movies for our home-brewed double feature: October Baby and The Hunger Games.
Hey, they were both movies we wanted to see. (To read my review of October Baby, click here)
In case you’ve been away from the internet for a few days, in the near future after a quelled rebellion, the reformed United States now entitled Panem has decreed that as penance, each district must send one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to participate in a fight to the death until one is left standing called The Hunger Games. In District 12 in the Appalachian area, 12 year old Primrose Everdeen is worried about being selected in her first Reaping (the selection process) Her older sister Katniss assures her she’ll be alright, as this is her first year and her name is only entered once. But the entries are cumulative, with not only an addional entry placed in for each year between 12 and 18, but an additional entry is place for each “tessarae” or food and fuel for each person, and those entries are also cumulative. As Katniss has entries for herself each year and for the tessarae she get for her mother, Prim and herself each year, she has many more entries. If you’ve seen the preview, you know what happens next.
Kathy wasn’t sure about seeing it at first, given the premise of the film. I’m sure what came to mind was Battle Royale, a Japanese film based on the book about a post depression Japan addressing their problems by selecting one high school class to fight to death until one remains. That reminds me, there’s this joke making the rounds of the internet:

So anyway, looking over the first book, I determined that reading the first chapter would give one an idea of whether or not one would like it. It isn’t like other things where one might have to sample more. I gave the example over at Hey, Martha! of Babylon 5 being slow going during the first season, but picking up steam in season 2. Not enough to skip over the first season, but I’d hesitate to recommend watching all of season 1 in the fear of scaring someone away. But chapter one of The Hunger Games book was enough, I think, for someone to determine if interested or not. I asked Kathy to read the first chapter, if she liked it great, if not fine.
She ended up reading 2 chapters one day, then the next two the next.
So with only 4 chapters read, she went to see it, and immediately latched onto a digression between how Katniss obtained the Mockingjay pin in the book and the movie. Only 4 chapters, and she’s an expert. Later on, in the middle of the movie, she needed to go to the bathroom, but didn’t want to leave the movie. Not to tell tales out of school, but to let you know I think she liked the movie. Unfortunately, she left at a bad time, as something important happens. But even with a two and a half hour running time, the story is lean enough to not have any slow points. However, there were some important details left out that while it didn’t serve the immediate story in The Hunger Games, it does come into play in the trilogy. Plus, there were a couple of points Kathy wasn’t clear on that were clearer in the book.
For those that hate the shakycam effect, it does come into play at certain points in the film. While it does illustrate Katniss’ confusion and disorientation at certain points in the story, it might make some uneasy or queasy. I might suggest sitting further back from the screen. Worth going to see now. While I love IMAX, we just went to a regular theatre due to current financial constraints. I don’t think it would be worth the extra expense. Then again, we’re planning to see The Avengers in IMAX, and some book fans who aren’t necessarily comic fans might feel the opposite. Just a point.

Ordering Flowers Online

Most any time of the year, flowers are a special gift for a loved one. Yes, there are certain times of the year where flowers are seen as a special gift, like a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day (to think of three special occasions off the top of my head) but you can’t go wrong with giving flowers to someone.
And thanks to the internet, it’s good to know that there’s an excellent source of flowers online free delivery. You don’t have to go to a store or try to communicate what you want along with how and where you want it delivered, you can do it all right from your computer.
And the internet lets you geek out, too. Not only can you order just about everything and with great prices and service, but you can read up on flowers on Wikipedia. Everybody knows about flowers, but how mucch do they really know about flowers?