Kodachrome RIP

With the year winding down and not much going on with the holidays winding down, a lot of people are doing end of year lists. I haven't done one not because I'm too cool for school, but because of the move, I would be hard pressed to come up with a best in month post, let alone a best in year. As far as resolutions, I know things have been sparse around here and have a couple of ideas on how to do more on the blog.
But Mark Evanier pointed me to this post where another era is ending: no more Kodachrome film. Not only have they quit making it, they've stopped developing it as well. There's a big uptick of people looking for the film and looking to get it developed. I'm hoping that things are straightened out soon with archiving so that we don't end up losing a lot of what is chronicled in this digital era.

Motorcycle Deals

Slowly but surely it’s coming out that the recession didn’t end last year like the experts are saying. It looks like tough times are going to be here for a while longer. Now is as good a time as any to learn about watching out for your money. Most companies want you to spend your money with them. Good thing we have the internet to look for the best deals out there like motorcycles for sale.
While it’s good to get good deals on necessities, it’s great when you can get a good deal on something fun for yourself. After all, it doesn’t necessarily have to be all gloom and doom. With some shopping around and some planning you can treat yourself and not have to worry about losing your house. Just watch out for yourself because who else is going to?

Crazy mittens for my crazy roommate

Guest post written by Courtney Vincent
Sometimes when I’m introducing some of my old friends to my roommate, I warn them that she’s a little different. Some people are just so shocked to find out that we live together because I can be pretty quiet and reserved and she’s loud and really outgoing. But the whole opposites attracting thing also goes with roommates and friends, not just lovers. She’s really the best roommate that I’ve ever had yet and I’ve lived with a lot of my good friends too.
We went all out when we decorated our apartment for the holidays, but it was so much fun! I mean, I wasn’t home with my parents to help them decorate their tree, so I made the most out of decorating ours too. I asked her then what she wanted for Christmas and she told me some mittens. When I started looking online for some mittens, I came across some info about and decided to GETCLEARWIRELESSINTERNET.
I was looking for some really crazy mittens to fit her personality and I couldn’t quite find what I wanted. So I just ended up making some for her and I think she’s going to love them!

The Kids are Back in Town!

Guest post written by Glora Manning
The other day, after going downtown to purchase a new pair of MiracleEar hearing aids, my husband and I drove to the local Christmas tree to find a perfect tree for our home. Since our children have been tied up out of state for the past couple of Christmases, we havenÕt even bothered to get one, which is actually kinda sad now that I think about it. BUT they are both coming home this Christmas, and we want to decorate the home just like we used to when they were kids!
Tony went up into the attic the other night and found all of the families old ornaments. We had added new ones every year and each ornament brings back fond memories of times that we shared as a family years ago. It’s really amazing how these little objects can bring back so many images and moments in our lives. When the kids come back they won’t be able to help but notice that Christmas is just like it has always been in our household. We can’t wait to have them here and spend some quality time as a family

Happy Birthday Stan Lee

I can't believe Mark Evanier reminded me that today was Stan Lee's birthday. It's practically a holiday around here and it almost slipped my mind. Wrote a great post about him, to boot. If anybody reading this is seeing him soon, just don't say how old he is. He's so lively and busy, if anyone said it to him it might be like those cartoons when a character goes over a cliff and is still walking in the air until they notice there's no longer any ground underneath them.

Building Mailboxes

For most of us that want or need a mailbox, it’s fairly simple to get one. You just go to the hardware store or big box retailer and pick out the one you want. You set it up and wait to receive the mail. But what if you own an apartment complex or office building? Where do you go to get Commercial Mailboxes? It’s not like they sell those at Wally World or the nearby store.
But you can find the commercial mailboxes you need at this site. Whether it’s Cluster Mailboxes, Apartment Mailboxes, CBU Mailboxes or any other kind of mailboxes, you can find the right mailboxes for your buildings. And with their low price guarantee and customer service, that’s even better.

Still Alive

In case you're wondering, I'm still here. As with real life, things slow real down (if not totally stop) during the holidays. Between enjoying the holidays, fighting off the worst cold I've had in years, and taking a break has lead to a dearth of posts here. Until my return, please check out my relists on eBay and maybe buy something with your Christmas cash.

Couple Back On Million Dollar Money Drop

The couple who lost money on a question on Million Dollar Money Drop that was revealed to be correct will be invited back on for another chance. I had said that having them back on for another chance was in my opinion the best way to resolve this. Since the episode in question was aired on Monday, I think enough time has elapsed to be able to discuss the show. Either you've watched it or you're not. Either way, spoilers until the next paragraph. When the couple got to the last question and had to put all the money on one answer or another, they ultimately selected an answer that was wrong, and they lost all the money. But who's to say how they would've responded on future questions? Chances are they would've ended up with nothing anyway, but why have them back on?
There's a question of not only be on the up and up, but the appearance of being on the up and up. Not only that, but years ago when I wrote about the debut of Deal Or No Deal, a commentor wrote about how a radio show talked about tryouts for a game show and how they favored more attractive contestants. That's where I learned that the term game show is two parts. I concentrated on the game part, and not as much on the show part. That's another factor in this case: a young couple looking for money to get married and start a new life. Who wouldn't root for them? It's a way for the show to stir up interest, to give them another chance. Technically, it doesn't fall in the rules of the game, but it makes for a good show.

Restaurant Websites

The restaurant business is very competitive. Many new ones open each year and there’s a very good chance most of them will close within the first few years. If I were in the restaurant business, I would want to use every opportunity to get a chance to continue operating. Anything that would get the word out to potential customers.
Some may wonder why you would get a Restaurant Website Design for your restaurant. After all, it’s the food that matters. While that may ultimately be true, there’s other factors to consider. You need to study statistics and see where the trends are heading. And realize that restaurant social media marketing might help you more than traditional advertising. After all, it’s more than nerds in front of a computer all day, with web phone applications and other things to allow people to find businesses. A lot better than hoping enough people come across your restaurant when they’re hungry.