Free Comic Book Day Is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Click on the link to find a comics shop near you and pick up some free comics. While you're there, check out the other offerings they have (maybe even for sale) and buy a few things to help them offset their cost of getting the free comics. Yes kids, the comic shops have to pay a little something to get the free comics, so the least we can do is help them by sampling their other wares. One new thing they're offering this year is dollar comics where you can sample some titles for a buck and maybe want more. I got interested in the Old Man Logan hardcover that way. So if you don't read comics (or haven't for a while) this could be the start of something big. And if you're a fan (like me) this is a way to get out and have some fun.
For some reason, the phrase “if you want to make God laugh, just announce your intentions” is in my head, but I'll still give it a shot. The plan is to pick up Kathy at work tomorrow, head down to Cracker Barrel for some lunch (hey, there's got to be something fun for her in all this) and hit some of the comic shops in the area. I also plan to go to a gas station/convenience store to pick up some Grippo's Barbeque chips and get some Godfather's Pizza for dinner on the south side of Indianapolis to take home. As far as comics, the two I really want to get is the Dark Horse Doctor Solar/Magnus Robot Fighter and Heroes And Capes. Anything else beyond that is gravy.
What are your plans for the day? And if they have anything to do with that Jonathan Coulton song (NSFW link) I'd just as soon not know about it, 'kay? One place you can go to online is Wowio for free comics. Another place is Two Morrows' site. They're not doing anything special for the day, but they've got free downloads available.

Thelma Lou Robbed

Get the bullet out of your pocket Barney, actress Betty Lou Lynn was robbed in Mount Airy, North Carolina; hometown of Andy Griffith that inspired the show of that name. Expect to see a lot of people writing about what this country has come to as the image projected by television meets the harsh reality. And I mean real reality, not the stuff that you see on those type of shows. And since Mark Evanier used to be neighbors with her, I wonder what he'll say about it.

Comics And Movies

Rumors are circulating that we'll see a Thor trailer in front of Iron Man 2 next week, and Ain't It Cool News has the first picture of Thor from Yahoo! Movies. A picture is better than a trailer, in this case the Jonah Hex trailer that came out yesterday:

From what I've seen and what I've read, I don't plan to see it. Not even Netflix it, since I'm getting a vibe similar to the one for Frank Miller's Spirit film.
One bright spot: I finally got a copy of Age Of TV Heroes yesterday, after 3 solicitation attempts. I agree it is a bit pricey at $39.95 (and did it really need the hardcover treatment?) but the second time it was solicited, it was offered at half price. I didn't order it the third time because the discount wasn't as good, but they never cancelled the solictitation I ordered, even though they did the first time. And I pay for my comics the month after ordering them, so they had my money. I was interested in seeing what they did, and they did send it to me. It is a good book for the price I paid, covering comics adaptations on television. I was even surprised to see a section on DC Superheroes water show at Sea World back in the 70s, that I've seen the ads on the backs of DC Comics at the time and even got to see in Florida. I think it was in 1978, as that was the year one chain of convenience stores had collectors' cups of Star Wars and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind out that I was trying to get, as they didn't offer them back home.

Oh, It Gets Weirder

I was kind of surprised when Mark Gibson wrote about how Stephen Baldwin started up a website to raise money. Yeah, the Christian raising money wasn't that surprising, nor trying to say that his bankruptcy was due to Hollywood persecuting him for being a Christian. Hey, if Sarah Palin can pull in the bucks from what she's saying…
But then I came across this website where Steven is saying that he has nothing to do with the website other than giving them the okay to do it. In what they say is the only interview he's giving on the matter he says that the money doesn't go directly to him. They'll decide what to do with the money they raise for him, and it might go to him first, but then it'll expand to other people. I'm no PR expert, but if you want to clarify what the money does and where it goes, changing the name from “Restoring Stephen Baldwin” would go a long way in that regard.

Needing New Glasses

It's been a couple of years since my wife got new glasses, and she's needing some new ones. I spent a good chunk of time the other night pouring over my blog archives from around that time to see if I wrote anything about getting them and how much they cost with no luck. She does have insurance coverage that does cover some of the cost but from what I remember of the bill you have to wonder what it does cover. It doesn't cover what it considers as extras but stuff you want for your glasses such as scratch protection and things like that.
You have to wonder if there's a cheaper way to get eyeglasses. You don't want to skimp on quality, and she loves to read as much as I do, so you want to get something of quality to make sure it does the job. The last thing I want to do is to do nothing or worse get something that can cause her eyes to get worse. And there's the whole thing about making an appointment, getting the eye exam, putting a down payment on the glasses, waiting for them to come in, etc. Not last time, but (I think) the time before there seemed to be a delay in getting the glasses that was longer than we were first told. But I'll be glad when it's done and all taken care of.

DVD, blu ray & 3D

For a lot of movies, when they're coming out on blu ray is a question of “when”, not “if”. Disney announced that Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 are scheduled for release on December 7th (Kathy's birthday!) on the Disney Movie Rewards Facebook page before removing it and replacing it with “coming soon”. More video announcements at the link. Plus, the Clash Of The Titans remake is coming out on video July 27th (without 3D added on murky badness, alas) with a preview of the live action Green Lantern movie. The footage will make it's debut at Comicon a few days before, but this way you don't have to camp out in line or fight huge crowds to see it.
And Roger Ebert writes about how 3D isn't the end-all be-all for the movie industry. The title “Why I Hate 3D Movies” isn't completely accurate, as you'll find if you read the article. Hopefully this won't turn into another hubbub, as with Ebert's belief that video games aren't art.
And Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' comic book series Incognito has been picked up by 20th Century Fox. Unlike most Hollywood sources, Phillips' name is mentioned here.

So Long Sy Fy

Most of us geeks knew about this for some time, but Sy Fy is steering away from genre offerings to more mainstream. With the other channels available, not to mention Netflix, internet, DVDs and blu rays, etc. etc. it isn't that big of a loss. Besides, Universal's science fiction's catalog isn't all that impressive. It'll be fun in a few years when viewership is down and the execs are wondering why.

Computer Shopping

For many of us, getting a computer was just a matter of buying one that was on sale, or going to the store and maybe answering a few questions before getting directed to one that they had in stock that they could talk us into taking. In most cases, that works out for us. But what if you want something more? Something more suitable to your needs? Something like a Custom Laptop that is tailored especially to your needs?
Instead of getting a computer “off the rack”, why not get a Custom Computer that can meet your needs instead of one that a store tried to fit what you wanted? You can either see about getting your own unique Custom Computers, or get the components needed to try your hand at building one yourself. You could also see about getting one of their Custom Laptops that can do what you want instead of struggling to get your store bought computer to do what you want.

Bubble Shows

The TV season is coming to the end, and the campaign to save some shows is going on. I watch the last 3 shows listed, but when it comes to campaigning to keep them on the air, in the immortal words of Samuel Goldwyn “include me out”. 13 episode wrap up of Heroes? Even I'm not interested in the wrap up at this point.