Violin Lessons

The Academy of Music Performance is a private lesson studio and school of music specializing in the Violin and Viola. Since their founding in 2000, they've maintained a roster of 50 students, ranging from a very young age to college age and beyond. That's all well and good, you say, but even if I did want to learn to play violin, when would I have time to go to school? What if the school came to you? Mrs. Bridgette Seidel offers virtual lessons in the privacy of your own home via interactive DVDs. The site has more information and you can watch a sample lesson, and can answer any other questions you have about learning the violin.

Douglas Elliman's Real Estate New York

New York is one of the most expensive places in the country to live. What you need is a real estate agent that can help you make the best choice for New York real estate. One company is Prudential real estate professional Douglas Elliman, who has 60 offices serving 350 communities in New York, Long Island, and the Hamptons. Whether you need a place in the Big Apple or want to peruse the gorgeous North Fork real estate properties, Elliman's company can offer the continuity of exploring all property options to find what you're looking for from one centralized location.

HD DVD Drying Up

When I heard HD DVD was dead as a format, and I was able to get a player and discs real cheap (King Kong included w/player add-on to XBox 360, a system I planned to get anyway, and 5 HD DVDs sent as a rebate) I thought that with a dead format, there'd be clearance sales and people selling off their discs and I could get some good deals. But I've been reading that Best Buy is simply eliminating their HD DVD sections and sending their old discs back to the company. I don't know if other stores are following suit, but it was difficult finding Justice League: New Frontier when it came out last week. It looks like any further additions will need to be made online and not through the stores. Hopefully this won't dry up the supply and cause prices to go up.

Peoples Health Insurance

One of the goals I have is to get better health insurance for both of us. It might be a problem, as I'm what you might call self-employed and it seems that any kind of viable health insurance involves traditional employment. One way might be to see what the wife's job offers, and another is to go through Peoples Health Insurance, LLC; a licensed insurance agency, not simply a referral service. Their rate quote system is easy and painless, and offers you many plans and coverage to choose from, whether you're looking for Illinois dental insurance plans or health plans in another state, like I am. They can help in selecting a quality health plan that is reasonably priced but still offers protection for you and your family.

Thursday Update

Not much going on today. We relaxed around the house, read and watched TV. I started getting things ready for our short trip this weekend by starting the packing and putting some of the drinks we're taking in the fridge to be ready for the cooler. I'll be doing some laundry to get some things ready tomorrow. I'm hoping to get an early start, but something may delay us, we'll have to see.

Air Tools

No, air tools aren't what you use to fix you air guitar. e-tools has the equipment you need to get the job done, whether it's power tools, or tools you connect to an air compressor for power (my dad has some of these, they're pretty cool and give you the power you need, especially when you have a tight lug nut that won't come off) And they even have a toll-free number to call for assistance.

Gallagher Outreach

When people hear of the comedian Gallagher, they respond in one of two ways: either wondering if he's still out there, and remarks of a nature of Barry Manilow. You know, more fun to add to the voice of people putting him down and stuff. I'm not trying to offer a defense, just commenting on people who parrot things without knowledge of what they're talking about, which ironically leads to a higher consensus that wouldn't have been reached if based on an informed opinion. Anyway, Gallagher has tried to make an effort. In 1999, he and a bunch of other entertainers put on a show for the Spanish speaking audience that involved a month's learning of the language, stereotypes and disappointment at the turnout that would make you think The Producers was a documentary. Ken Levine has the details.

Moving Website

When we helped my brother-in-law to move to his new apartment, he was able to move with our help and the help of friends and other relatives. It got me to thinking about if we moved to our own place. One big hassle to going to the different companies offering moving services to find out how much it would cost, and to find them to start with. With they can help you by being a nexus between you and those companies. They help you get quotes for moving truck rental from the information you input, such as date, size of truck, etc. Also, they provide practical advice such as asking friends about companies they've had experience with so you can make a decision, as well as advice to protect yourself and get the best deal.

Go Dave Go

I had read on Tony Isabella's board that one of the posters was going to be on Jeopardy! last night. Contestants on game shows can say they're going to be on, but can't reveal any information as to the outcome. I remember reading that Ken Jennings couldn't even tell his employers about flying out for subsequent shows until the episodes in question were shown. Anyway, Kathy and I watched Dave Sikula compete and he won last night's game with $15,000! Good luck on the upcoming shows, Dave. And thanks to fellow Tony boarder Keller for his post inspiring this one.