Internet’s Back Again

Once again, it is human nature to be very vocal when something is wrong, but silent when things are well. Case in point, my internet is now working reliably. The technician that came out yesterday was very helpful, and saw signs of damage on the cable. he replaced the cable and it has been working fine since. Now to get the other aspects of my life straightened out.

Tony Vs. The Internet

I’ve been fighting to maintain a connection to the internet in my down time. It has been working until lunch time, when I came home to eat and had a little time to keep up with the Avengers game I’ve been playing on Facebook. But I couldn’t get online, and the router had only two solid lights and one blinking, as opposed to the four solid/one blinking/3 solid usual pattern. Resetting it didn’t work, disconnecting the coax cable and reconnecting it didn’t work. I had a little time, so I called Comcast. They couldn’t find a problem by checking on their end, but while they were starting to set up an appointment for someone to come out, I disconnected and reconnected the cable again, and it came on then. They said that it might be a bad coaxial cable, and to replace it. I thought that was that, and went back to work. But when I came home, it was out again. I reconnected the cable and tried to untangle the mess of cables behind the router and the TV to find the cable connection on the other end, but it goes into the floor. Its the cable Comcast used to hook me up originally.So there were a few times when it would be on for a few minutes, and I’d do the reconnect and restart the router. Its been running longer now. But I don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of having a service call. Not only do I ordinally hate having to deal with the hassle of setting up and waiting for a service call, but it isn’t as easy to set up an appointment with me working more hours, and Comcast didn’t come when scheduled last time.So I guess I’m going to keep working with it until I can’t work with it anymore, then see about setting up service.

TV And The Lone Ranger

Steve Thompson has another great blog to read.  This one is called The BookSteve Channel where he waxes poetic about a favorite show of yesteryear. And what better way to start than with his post on The Lone Ranger? Good overview of the series with the movie The Lone Ranger And The Lost City Of Gold, the Lone Ranger credo, and the guidelines for writing the Ranger’s character, with some history along with it. BTW, I had a speech class where the assignment was to persuade the audience. My speech was to get everyone to sign a petition to allow The Wrather Corporation to let Clayton Moore wear his mask at personal appearances. It was so long ago that one of my fellow students was a not yet girlfriend let alone not yet wife Kathy.
You can find out about Steve’s other blogs here. Might I suggest 1974 A Geek’s First Journal, sequel to A Geek’s Journal 1976 (which I think would make a great e-book) and of course, BookSteve’s Library.


Think 4 Yourself

I like to find new things on the internet, and sometimes like to share them with you. I found this site called Think 4 Yourself because I came across some interesting pictures they posted that Up And Down We Go passed along. And now I will as well:

Something some of you consider before stepping into the voting booth to vote for the candidate that keeps saying he’s against abortion and gay marriage to get you to vote for him, then turns around to serve his financial contributors and corporate interests instead of the people who voted him into office.