Why Not?

Anybody who is left reading this blog is probably wondering why there haven’t been any posts here. There are a number of reasons, none that quite put the finger on it. It might be my work schedule, it might be that I’ve been doing this for 9 years, it might be that Facebook is easier and get more response to anything you say online, but I was reading Tony Isabella’s Bloggy Thing and he wrote something that hit the target closer than I could:
“I rarely write about politics these days in sad recognition that I
can’t convince those who embrace the lies and deceit of Fox News,
the Republican Party and the Tea Party to embrace facts and logic,
to consider who the positions of so-called conservatives actually
benefit and to likewise consider who is harmed by those positions.”
But I don’t want to be subject to the mercies of the Facebook sheriffs, and I like the idea of having my own place. Maybe I could write about other things. I still need to ponder this.

New Homes In Florida

Sometimes you can be amazed with yourself when you take a minute to ponder the details of your life. It has been over 10 years since the last time I was in Florida. But I’m looking to make a return trip there next year. It’s been too long, and I miss it. I can’t wait to go back.
There was even one dark and gloomy winter when we were thinking about even moving down to Florida. If you’ve ever lived through a winter in Indiana, you can certainly understand the dreaming. Even if you haven’t, one look at these New Homes in Jensen Beach FL can make a dreamer out of you. Looking at the homes that they have available for sale, you would think that something that that wouldn’t be in reach. Living in a home like they have to offer, and in Florida, no less?
And the amazing thing is, that it isn’t that much of a dream. It is more possible than you can imagine. It can even move from fantasy to reality easier than you think. And isn’t is amazing to realize that something that you thought was an out of reach fantasy can actually come true for you?

Sergio Aragones’ Funnies

I got my weekly fix of comics in the mail today. One of the comics is one that I’ve missed the past few months. Something you might want to keep an eye out for the next time you’re at the comics shop.
The new issue of Sergio Aragones’ Funnies came out this week. The book’s been on hiatus due to some back problems Aragones had, but he’s getting back in the swing of things. Among the tales is a Western about robbers that, while I saw the ending coming, it was still a joy. Another is about the fabled extravagant trips the late Bill Gaines took his Mad magazine staff on, and the trip Aragones planned to Mexico.
The only complaint about the comic is the bimonthly frequency of future issues. Even with his other projects (can we get Groo Vs. Conan now?) it’s only the market that prevents Funnies from coming more often.

The Paradox of Technology

It strikes me as interesting that the easier technology is made for us to get this crazy world actually makes it harder. I mean, I have this ability to speak to create a blog post, yet it’s been a couple months since I last spoke with you guys. It’s a lot easier when you have Facebook with immediate response, but I like the idea of being able to offer something of more substance on the block I’m still restaurant what to do and how to proceed from here but I still interested still like to continue doing this blog and hopefully somebody is reading it.

C2E2 Tips

Since it’s been a few years since I’ve been to a major convention, I’ve been reading up on different tips and tricks. C2E2 has their own suggestions that I’ve used as a start. Another is one that Mark Evanier likes to share about any convention, which is to decide what kind of convention you want to have, and do that. Even in my youngest and most foolish days I could never do everything I wanted when I started going to the Chicago Comicon, so add in age and I’ve decided to concentrate on a few areas. Making a budget and sticking to it is important, especially when it comes to what Brad Bowyer calls the celebrity petting zoo. There are a few I wish to get, but it can be easy to blow the budget on just that one area alone. And I want to go to the artists alley and pick up some new stuff. I always like to see new things, especially in comics.
I’ve got the C2E2 app on my phone, and have a small notebook listing what all I want to do, what panels to attend, who to see and what autographs to get. Brad also suggests picking one thing each day you want from the convention, be happy when you get it, and consider everything else you get as a bonus. Problem is, there’s 5 things for Saturday on my list.
But hopefully I’ll have fun, and get to see you there. If you recognize me, stop me and say “hi”. Even if it isn’t me, maybe you’ll meet a new friend.


Next weekend, I’ll be going to C2E2 in Chicago. Going to a comic convention in Chicago is something I haven’t done in years. Kathy and I used to go to the Chicago Comicon which was something I looked forward to every year until a couple of things happened:
1) It moved from the late great Ramada O’Hare to the Rosemont Convention Center, where it lost something in the move, and
2) Wizard bought it, and lost everything else.
I tried going a couple of times since, but it just wasn’t the same. And I would look at what they had to offer each year, with nothing to entice me into making the trip. And there were the other elements, like my employment situation and not wishing to travel from home too long. As Harlan Ellison noted in one of his “On The Road” CDs, I have everything I want at home, why would I leave all that to come here?
When C2E2 first started, I’d give them a look and see if it was worth giving them a try. One thing or another would prevent me from doing so.
And then one of my new year’s resolutions was to get back into the swing of fandom, which is something similar to what Tom Spurgeon over at the Comics Reporter site resolved. Sure, the internet has rose in the interim of my fandom hiatus, but there is no substitute for actually getting out there.
I have been preparing these past few weeks for my trip. I got my tickets months ago, just before they announced Peter Davison as a guest, making me glad for taking the plunge. I opted to stay at the Hyatt Regency on site, just in case Kathy decided to come along as well. When we did go to conventions, her favorite part was getting to the room where she could kick back and relax while I jumped in the fray. But she chose not to come along. This is the first trip I’ve taken without her in years. Sure, there was Clixcon back when I started this blog in 2004, but it’s been even longer. Used to when I would take a trip with my family, there were the letters sent daily chronicling my adventures, and the one phone call about halfway through. But thanks to cellphones and the internet, keeping in touch is better and faster. Looking forward to trying it out.
I bought a bag of holding messenger bag from Think Geek to carry my stuff, and with the sale they had going on at the time I got a holster thing to strap on my left leg to carry more stuff. And while we do have a suitcase, that is too much for just a weekend. We couldn’t find our duffel bag, but it was getting ratty, so I bought a new one. All of these purchases should come in handy on future trips, though.
Right now, I have an idea of what I’m wearing each day. Friday I plan to wear my Iron Man shirt with the glowing chest thing from Think Geek with my Simpsons Pin Pals bowling shirt, and Saturday wearing my Mooby shirt since Kevin Smith is appearing that day.
Wow, I’ve gone over 500 words and haven’t even gotten to the tips yet. Tune in tomorrow for more.

Fireside Chat

Like a lot of you, I’ve been overwhelmed. I’ve had at least 10 things to do a day and lucky to get half of that done. You know how it is…you have to go to work, then there’s your family, and something comes up, and there’s things you want to do, shows you want to see, books you want to read…
It got so bad for me, it was even affecting my work. And getting called on something that was neglected at work, I have been endeavoring to do better. Not just at work, but in all aspects of my life. I straightened out the problem that brought all of this to a head, then planned to improve other areas of my job to do better. And there are things at home that I’m working on. And then there is this blog. Even though my phone has the capability of not only posting on this blog, but I can even dictate by voice to it, you can see that posts have been few and far between, if there are any posts at all. Like a lot of other bloggers who have fell by the wayside, it can be tempting to just post on Facebook or Twitter and leave it at that.
But there is more than a sense of obligation that keeps me to this blog. I like having my own place to say what I want to say, as well as the potential to reach more than just over 200 people on Facebook. And I will make this a more frequent stop in the future. There is a lot of catching up to do. I hope to fill you in on playing Defiance the video game (and the series starts tomorrow night on Syfy) as well as my plans to attend this year’s C2E2 convention as well as talk about how things have changed since the last time I took a trip without Kathy. Stay tuned.

Comics Going Reprint

Johanna Draper Carlson has wrote about something I figured was a matter of time, a comics publisher going all reprint. This is in light of the announcement that DC parent company Warner Bros was ending their magazine publishing. Since DC is technically part of their movie division, comics will continue to be published for now.
But given the recent history of Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbera (that only have new product when say, an executive wants to try their hand at Bugs Bunny and company. Certainly not bringing back the shorts that they started with) and Marvel owner Disney (who only does new content with Mickey Mouse et. al. when it suits their other divisions, like theme parks and merchandising) one has to wonder why comics with new content are being published, especially when other aspects bring in more money. My only guess was that it was cheap R&D for them.


I tried to write this post earlier today on my phone, but it didn’t work out. So again I try it.
About the only thing I wanted to do today was go see Oz The Great And Powerful and pick up a prescription refill at Wally World. I got a little thrown off by the time change. Last night before we went to bed, Kathy and I changed all the clocks in the house. But my clock radio automatically changed as well. Guess which one I looked at when I woke up this morning?
I saw the other clocks were an hour behind and figure out what was going on, which was hard to do in my groggy state. It took a few minutes to figure out where my pajama bottoms were, as it was warmer last night when I took them off in the living room than this morning. But I got some more sleep.
I was able to afford going to the movies today by inputting the codes from the boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that had the $12 movie credit. But seeing it in IMAX was $15.50, so we had to pay the difference. It sure did help, though.
Before it was time to go, I felt more like wearing a short sleeved shirt. Good thing it was sunny and the mid 60s when we went. It had been so long since we had nice weather like that around here. I know we’ve got at least another month of cold miserable weather around here before Spring, but it was good to get a taste.
As for the movie, like the weather, it was good break from the dreariness that’s been going around lately. Worth going to see.